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Our team is comprised of experts in all aspects of the elderly care field.   And we have the experience, background, and education to prove it!  

After we have done a comprehensive assessment of you or your loved one's needs, we will begin a supportive, and compassionate process in helping you choose the best senior housing option.   This is often a very difficult time for the family and patient, especially when a progressive disease is involved.   Your Helping Hands staff is experienced and compassionate and will make this transition as easy as possible.

This assessment takes into account the patient's medical diagnosis, financial status, social needs, and location.  Since not all facilities are the same, the medical diagnosis gives us and the provider an idea of the level of care required.   Some facilities provide basic surroundings while others are more extravagant, therefore prices will vary.   Your financial budget of care informs us if you will pay privately, if you have long-term care insurance or if you will need to apply for Medicaid.   We can also assist you in the complicating process of applying for Veteran's benefits.   

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